Never Miss Another Flight

Your new favorite travel app is here. We monitor security lines, traffic, and flight status so you don't have to.

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How It Works

It's pretty simple. We promise.


Step one

Enter and select your flight. We work on almost every major airline.


Step two

We monitor security lines and traffic to tell you the perfect time to arrive at the airport.


Step three

Hail a Lyft, order food with Grab, and snag a lounge all without leaving the app.


Ahh... You made it!

With flight status notifications for you and your loved ones, you arrive calm and collected.

Always be in the know

Never Miss Another Flight

Tired of waiting on cold hard airport benches? So are we. Travel Time's estimates get you there at just the right time.

Connecting Gate Information?

Check. Travel Time neatly organizes all of your upcoming flights into trips and gives you all the connecting flight info you may need.

Flight Status

We work hard to make sure you know about every gate change, delay, or cancelation before anyone else.

Airport Maps

We have worked with Google Maps to provide airport maps at hundreds of airports around the world.


Travel Time OnGuard automatically texts loved ones about flight status updates, and when you will land.

Packing Checklists

Having trouble remembering what to pack? Don't worry... Travel Time has you covered.

Who we are.

We are a passionate team of creators working to disrupt.

Arjan Guglani

Founder & Chief Developer

Justin Waltrip


Lauren Juncal

Business Development

Sam Skirpan

Partnerships Manager

CJ Keilly


Android Technologies

Maddi Love


Webkite + Workhard

Kit Muller


Serial Tummler

Ketaki Desai


Head Of Strategy, Translational Sciences at UPMC Enterprises

Ryan Green


Co-Founder & CEO at Gridwise


How much does this all cost?

Absolutely nothing. We are figuring some things out and in the meantime, we take a small portion of every purchase our users make through the app.

Who is Travel Time for?

Our users range from busy moms to business consultants crisscrossing the globe. If you want to simplify your travel, Travel Time is for you.

Future Plans?

We have some exciting new features planned. Our new TripIt Integration, Delay Predictor, and Destination Hub are all coming very soon!

When will you be available on Android?

Very very soon. We promise. An Android version of the app is in the works and we are working hard to make sure we put out a consistent product.

Who made Travel Time?

Arjan Guglani founded Travel Time and built the application from the ground up. He brought on Justin Waltrip for strategy and marketing.

What inspired Travel Time?

After seeing loved ones constantly missing their flights and having bad airport experiences, our founder saw a need and Travel Time was born.

Contact us

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.